• Stainless Steel handcrafted chainmaille cast iron pot scourer.
  • comes boxed and has full care instructions included.



  • 4 in 1 Weave chainmaille ring handcrafted one ring at a time.
  • light weight and comfortable to use, easy care and non tarnish



  • Nickel and lead free with food service grade stainless steel
  • ships in 1-3 business days




Stainless Pot Scourer - For Cast Iron, Stainless Steel & Hard Anodized Cookware

PrecioDesde 9,00£

    To make this chainmaille pot scrubber, I handcrafted the stainless steel rings and wove them into the 4 in 1 pattern. The resulting rings feels like a silky metal cloth! It is re-usable and long lasting. The Scrubber is much more economical than using scouring pads as it does not rust and can be cleaned after use.  Because the scourer is made from  highest food service grade stainless steel, it will not tarnish. Perfect for everyday use and is gentler on the hands than using steel wool. The scourer is available in different sizes, or I am happy to make to your requirements. comes with a stainless steel split ring so it can be hung up to dry or with your other utensils.

    For use on - Cast Iron Cookware, Dutch Ovens, Casseroles, Stainless Steel Cookware, Woks and Pyrex glassware more. 
    Preferred by professional and home chefs


    Size 1 - 100mm x 100mm or 4" x 4"

    Size 2 - 127mm x 127mm or 5" x 5"

    Size 3 - 152mm x 152mm or 6" x 6"

    Size 4 - 178mm x 178mm or 7" x 7"

    Size 5 - 202mm x 202mm or 8" x 8"

    stainless steel split ring is 25mm or 1" in diameter



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